What is a parachute casino bonus?

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For a long time, casinos have been offering bonuses of all varieties – welcome bonuses, non-deposit rewards and free spins. What do all these traditional bonuses have in common? You can never really withdraw your bonus money. But casinos are now finally offering a different type of bonus. A bonus that allows players to cash out some of their bet winnings before clearing all the wagering stipulations.

The gift, in question, is the parachute bonus. It is a relatively new concept that casinos have adapted, and players couldn’t be more ecstatic. It’s a bonus that you have the liberty to use when you utilize the bonus section of your deposit. Immediately you accept it, regular bonuses come into play, and wagering requirements get activated too. What this means, though, is that due to less commitment to bonus cash, you get to get the benefits of your wins immediately.

What is a parachute casino bonus?

How does the parachute bonus work?

To understand how the parachute or non-sticky bonus works, consider the traditional bonus first. With the sticky bonus, your deposited cash is normally connected to the bonus money. Therefore, your deposit and reward sum technically become one sum which follows the waging requirements. And as stated in the T&C of your preferred casino, you may have to wager the sum up to 50 times.

With the parachute bonus, once you deposit you will play with your deposited balance as usual. When you win, you can withdraw your winnings together with your deposit. The bonus balance will not count and will vanish when you cash out. And if you’re not successful with your bet, and lose your deposited cash, you can continue playing with your bonus money.

As expected, this feature comes with a few wagering requirements. But the limitations only come into play once you’ve lost your money and activated your ‘lifeline’ bonus. As soon as its activated, it’s treated as a traditional bonus with all the stipulations in place. You can continue reaping the benefits of your winning bets, as long as the initial deposit is kept intact.

Here’s an example:

Imagine your favourite casino offers a 100% lifeline bonus. You deposit £50 to get a £50 bonus balance. When you make a bet and lose your £50 cash balance, you’ll still have the £50 bonus to play more slots with. But your casino has a 20x wager stipulation. To unlock the casino online bonus, you’ll have to bet £1000 – 1000 spins with a £1 stake. If you clear the wagering requirement, and you have the bonus cash, you can withdraw everything that’s in your account.

The Lifeline bonus, since it provides a backup option, has enabled players to be a bit braver with their bets. Players get to have more game time, especially when they use strategies that lengthen their bankroll. For example, you get a matchup with an impressive payoff but the odds aren’t attractive, you can take the calculated risk knowing you have a lifeline bonus. If you lose, you still have extra cash to play with, and if you win you can cash out immediately.

And if you aren’t bold enough, you can play a low-cost slot machine that has a high RTP. Using this approach, you’ll get extra opportunities to rack up some wins with the casino’s money.


Growing Popularity

With the realization that most players find it difficult to complete wager requirements, more casinos have introduced the parachute bonus. In return, the feature has quickly become a favourite to most players. In fact, since 2018, the UK Gambling Commission doesn’t authorize any UK casinos to give the traditional bonuses. UK casino players enjoy parachute bonuses, although the other nations are yet to follow suit, their players enjoy a greater selection of bonuses.