Compliance Statement

We at would like to offer a friendly reminder to, not only our affiliate partner sites but also our valuable readers, that we take rules extremely seriously. 

As one of the top-rated casino affiliate platforms in the space, we can assure you that this includes operating responsibly and remaining cooperative with all Gambling Commission and ASA regulations.

On this page, we talk about our dedication to each and every relevant guideline, law, code of practice, and regulation – which is including but not limited to the following official guidance:

When it comes to the promotion and advertising of any offers, we respect and obey the policies outlined below:


Terms & Conditions

Here at, we pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to the promotions, offers, and all bonus-related content.

As such, we work hard to never intentionally deceive you with clever marketing. This includes being open and honest about specific terms and conditions, such as deposit and wagering requirements.

Notable terms include:

  • Restrictions on betting and odds, such as game weightings and stake values
  • Deposit requirements, including minimums
  • Wagering requirements
  • Winnings and withdrawal restrictions
  • Eligibility restrictions

Each promotion on our site will be inclusive of a disclaimer stating the terms and conditions applicable for that particular link.

Our goal is to cooperate with all affiliate partners to ensure we only ever promote accurate and authentic information regarding offers, products, and brands.



Some sites target hundreds of members simultaneously with promotional emails. We at do not collect email addresses. As such, there is no need for concern when it comes to data protection compliance.


Advertising Banners

Our advertising banners will never go stale, meaning we will never leave a dated promotion on our site.

Furthermore, in addition to keeping things fresh, we try our utmost to ensure that all of the details included within the banner are accurate and honest – for both operators and our readers.


Social Media

There is no need to be concerned with compliance when it comes to social media promotions – we simply don’t use this avenue of advertising.


Push Notifications

We at do not use push notifications, so there should be no concerns about compliance in this area either.


Other Types of Promotion

We do not partake in any of the marketing avenues or promotions listed below:

  • Publishing content on YouTube or any other video platform
  • Sending SMS or telemarketing messages
  • Purchasing media or advertising

As such, there is no need to be concerned with compliance related to video material and advertising at


Responsible Gambling

We at are long-time supporters of responsible gambling. As such, we do everything in our power to provide information, help, and links to those that need assistance controlling their gambling activities.

This starts by including a link to our responsible gambling page at the foot of our website at all times. Within this page are links to various helpful organizations.

If you are battling a gambling addiction or feel like you are heading down that road, you are never alone. If you feel like you need help you can take a look at GamStop which is a self-exclusion scheme. 

This enables you to disconnect from online casinos regulated in the UK. You may choose the amount of time you are excluded.

If you need some advice, guidance, or support – non-profit organization GamCare is a great help to anyone struggling to stay in control. By clicking the link included above you will gain access to a free advice line which is open 24/7, group chats with players experiencing similar struggles, a forum, and a confidential live chat facility.