What is a first deposit bonus?

As its name suggests, a first deposit bonus is a casino reward that you trigger by funding your online account for the first time. Ideal for novice players, it allows you to try out new casinos, and get the feel of various games. UK sites offer this type of casino bonuses because they help draw in new customers.

Unfortunately, existing casino players can’t take advantage of this bonus, as it’s available to new players or newly registered customers only. They can, however, take advantage of the other offers at their disposal like loyalty bonuses and free spins. Shifting from one online best casino to another can also provide you with the deposit offers, but it’s costly as you’ll have to deposit funds in each site.

Claiming first deposit bonus

Getting this deposit bonus from UK casinos is an easy process. You don’t have to jump through hoops to trigger your bonus. An initial, sizeable deposit is enough to get you a deposit bonus. Here is a step by step process to unlocking your reward or bonus once :

  • Visit your best casino
  • Click the ”Join” button
  • Ensure you enter correct details of yourself. It’s key in getting a bonus
  • Provide your valid identity card
  • Fund your account with some money. Make sure the money meets the requirements. For instance, some sites will require you to deposit at least £100 to be eligible for a bonus.
  • If you have a code, insert it to get the most valuable deposit bonus possible
  • Receive your deposit bonus

How a first deposit bonus works

First deposit offers are one of the most straightforward bonuses in UK sites. Often, you’ll find casinos offering a 100% matching casino bonuses on deposits up to a certain amount. For instance, if a site offers a matching bonus of up to £50 real money, you’ll get double the amount of your first deposits lower than £50. Deposits higher than £50, such as £100 or £250, will only trigger the specified maximum amount: £50.

These 100% matched casino bonuses are normally tied with wagering requirements. As we’ll see later after you make a deposit you have to complete wagering requirements to get your bonus money. Most sites have a 30x wagering requirement. Using the example above, assuming you deposit £50, you’ll have a total of £100 as your bankroll. You’ll need to wager at least £1500 (30 x £50) for the casino to allow you to withdraw your bonus money.

But first deposit casino bonuses aren’t limited to 100% matched offers or 100 bonus only. Some casinos match deposits at 50%, giving you half the amount of your money. Other generous casinos offer casino bonuses in the range of 200%, meaning you end up with over thrice your initial deposit. Apart from 100% bonus look for other offers.

Things to look out for when redeeming first deposit bonus

First deposit rewards come with various conditions that you need to know of. Depositing funds without understanding these terms can lead to you missing out on the bonus. And if you receive the offer, you might fail to take advantage of it properly, losing the entire money.

Betting Limits

Online casino sites (UK) normally impose a maximum betting amount per spin. Betting higher than the max amount can lead to the operator taking away your bonus cash and winnings. You’ll often find you can only wager up to £5, so you can complete the playthrough.

Wagering requirements

Also known as the playthrough, wagering requirements are the stipulations implemented to protect the casino from heavy bonus losses. The best online casino can’t afford to offer free money so It will implement some requirements to prevent you from walking away with it’s casino bonuses.

That said, the general wagering stipulation for first deposit bonus usually range from 25x to 40x. Requirements higher than this may be too difficult to meet, wiping out your 100 bonus money. Considering the £5 limit in most UK sites, betting with such stipulations can be a painfully slow process.

And as a rule of thumb, the more wagers you make, the higher your chances of losing your money, meaning over 40x playthroughs are not only time-consuming, but they’re also riskier.   Luckily, there are several bonus offers available to you; finding suitable wagering requirements shouldn’t be too difficult.

Note that playthroughs aren’t the only wagering requirement tied to the first deposit bonus amount. You’ll regularly find other accompanying stipulations; reading the Ts and Cs can help you identify these extra conditions. In most cases, if the deal or bonus seems too good, then it probably is.

Time limits

Casinos provide a time limit to most of their bonuses, including the first-time deposit one. 7-day limits are the most popular. You need to wager with the deposit bonus before the period ends, otherwise, the offer expires.

Banking Options

Some sites encourage players to use specific payment options to redeem their welcome rewards or bonus. For instance, debit cards are the most preferred banking options for most online casinos. Alternative options like Skrill are often not eligible. Understanding a casino’s conditions helps you avoid depositing using the wrong method and possibly missing out on the bonus.

Gaming selection

You can only play a select number of games using the deposit bonus. Sites limit the available gaming titles to get a slight advantage. They’ll sometimes require you to only play slots, or in less common cases, Poker.

If the deal involves easier wagering requirements, then your gaming experience may be more enjoyable. With difficult requirements, however, you might play the same game for a long time, and it might get taxing.

In most cases, slot titles wager 100%, excluding special slots and progressive slots. Table games, on the other hand, sometimes don’t wager at all.

Winnings Limit

Other than betting and time limits, UK casinos can also include winnings caps. These clauses prevent you from winning more than casino’s specified amounts of cash. Withdrawal limits generally vary from £100 to £200. Even if your bonus money for free spins accrues winnings more than £200, you’ll only withdraw the £200, losing the remaining cash.

Country restrictions

Some casinos have promotions that vary, depending on regions. You might see that a bonus is less or more valuable in a different country. This is down to country restrictions put in place by UK casinos. Restrictions shouldn’t be a worrying factor, though. Online casinos display such information openly in their FAQ pages.

Are first deposit rewards right for you?

If you’re just having a quick session, then the bonus might not suit you, as it requires you to bet for a relatively long time. But with maximum bonus cash in play, you can always expect longer playing periods.

Luckily, most casinos don’t impose urgent time caps on bonuses, so you can always pause your session and come back after some time to continue playing.

Sometimes, however, you might want to decline the bonus, for whatever reason. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to talk to customer support, as most sites generally fund your account with the bonuses immediately after your deposit. The support team will give you instructions on how to reject the offer or bonus, but you must contact them before playing.

If you’re offered a casino bonuses code, then declining the offer is easy: don’t key in the code, and your casino won’t credit the bonus amount in your account. The problem, however, is that most online sites have moved past bonus codes.  Always keep an eye on the bonus terms and conditions.

How to take advantage of first  deposit  casino bonuses

Using these bonuses without a concrete strategy can lead to constant losses. To get the most of your bonus and rake up as much wins as possible, keep the following things in mind:

  • As we’ve probably stressed by now, read the t cs or the fine print thoroughly. All the information you need on a sites offer is probably on its FAQ pages. Going through these conditions will take you a step closer to getting free spins or bonus winnings.
  • Confirm the wagering requirements. Not all bonus deals are as sweet as they seem; they probably have difficult requirements and limits. Take your time to look deeper into the l, and avoid the pitfall most players slip into. Read the bonus t cs
  • Ensure you complete all playthrough stipulations before making a withdrawal request, otherwise, you’ll forfeit your entire progress.
  • Avoid claiming a bonus more than once. Casinos clearly state that your bonus or free spins are only available once per gambler. Trying to outsmart the casino might lead to you getting suspended from the casino, ruining any progress you made. Read the terms and conditions in fine print.


How much money do I need to deposit to receive the first deposit bonus?
This depends on your online casino. For new players, sites often require you to fund your account with a minimum amount to trigger the bonus or free spins. This amount can range from £10 to £200 real money subject to terms and conditions.
Do all first deposit bonuses have playthroughs?
In today’s UK market, most online casinos require you to clear some conditions before you can request a withdrawal for your winnings. If you’re lucky, you can find a no-wagering bonus, but these are very rare.
How much can I win from first deposit offers?
Again, this entirely depends on your online casino. There’s normally a winning cap implemented, that prevents you from walking away with enormous winnings from your bonus or offer.
How many times can I unlock first deposit bonuses?
You’re only allowed to redeem the offer or bonus once, unfortunately. So the bonus is for new players.