How to Submit A Complaint Against an Online Casino?

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If you are a serious online casino player, then you must be aware of the pros and cons of playing a casino. Even if there are many legitimate online casino websites, chances are you can be unhappy with any of them. If it happens, you can file a complaint against a casino.

But remember, filing a complaint against a casino is not simple and can be a lengthy process. But if you follow the right steps as mentioned in this guide, you can claim your money. 

The Gambling Commission has set up a proper complaint procedure. It may differ from casino to casino but the general steps are the same. The casino itself tries to solve your problem initially but if you are still unhappy, go ahead and log a complaint.

There are several restrictions and limitations to each of these methods. None the less, a detailed clarification can help you decide which one you should go for. Firstly, find out how terms and conditions can cost you a fortune.


Why Terms and Conditions Are Important?

Why Terms and Conditions Are Important?

There can be any reason that led you to file a complaint against a casino. The casinos have lengthy and hard to understand terms and conditions. And that’s where the problem arises. Before signing up with a casino, the player ignores to read these terms and conditions properly.

The UK Gambling Commission is taking proper steps to make sure that casinos have clear and easy to understand terms and conditions. A player signs up to a casino without reading and blindly agreeing to these terms and conditions and sooner or later he finds himself unhappy with the platform.

Possibly the most common complaints are:

  1. Takes longer to process withdrawals – It usually takes a few hours to process the withdrawals to your account. But if a casino takes longer than the usual period, there’s something suspicious. However, you should not complain about a casino if the delay is due to obvious reasons. A big win, for instance.
  2. Errors – No doubt, online casinos work on some of the most advanced technologies. But a certain technical error can cause the win to be void and you may lose your money. In that case, you should log a complaint against that casino. A casino might have mentioned that they are not liable for any technical glitch. But if it is a legitimate one, you’ll still be compensated.
  3. ID Verification – If you have processed the ID verification or know your customer (KYC) steps successfully and the casino is still taking longer than usual to open your account, then this is also a common casino complaint. You should always wait patiently if the casino is well known and the registration process has started. It should not be a problem for any honest player.
  4. Right to self-exclude – If you don’t want to use the casino platform for a set period, you certainly can. That means you will no longer be able to sign in to your account and you’ll also not receive any promotional emails. If you find out that your account is still working during this period, you can log a complaint against the casino. 


How to Make A Complaint Directly with The Casino Through Email?

Reaching out to the casino is the most initial step if you are looking to file a complaint. You can contact the casino through email directly. If you use email to register a complaint, it will be much easier and you also keep the email for future record.

While writing an email to the casino, mention the following information clearly:

  • Your username
  • Your complete name
  • Your contact information

Write your email in a detailed manner. Explain everything along with the supporting evidence. You can attach the evidence to the email. The exact date and time should also be mentioned in the email.

After explaining your complaint in detail, ask the casino to provide an acknowledge ticket or receipt of your complaint. This acknowledgement will give you an idea of how long it will take them to solve your complaint.

Once you have sent the email, the casino may take from hours to several days to perform a proper investigation regarding your complaint. The casino support staff will revert to you with a proper solution.

If in any case, you don’t hear from the casino support after many days or your complaint is not investigated properly, you can reach their managerial support. After you are completely satisfied with the resolution, the complaint will end.

If the solution provided by the casino support team has not helped you according to your expectations, you can contact an Alternative Dispute Resolution body. This resolution body will further escalate your complaint until you are completely satisfied with the investigation and resolution.


How to File A Complaint with a Regulating Body?

How to File A Complaint with a Regulating Body?

In some cases, logging the complaint with the casino itself is enough. But if the complaint is not being handled by the casino properly, or you need a better solution, a regulating body can help. Take the following steps to file the complaint with an Alternative Dispute Resolution body:

  • Find a complaining body – The first step to logging a complaint is to find an authoritative institution through which you can file a complaint. Every area of the casinos has a specific complaint system or body. You can either search on the internet or ask a lawyer. These institutions can be any local gambling act handling body, gambling regulation council, or any other business handling council. Since it differs from location to location. Thus, you may have to find it on your own.
  • Reconsider that you have a legitimate complaint – Before actually filing a complaint, make sure that you check the website of the gambling regulating institution. Your complaint should be specified as a legitimate complaint on the website. If it is not specified, you can discuss it over the online casino chat rooms. If even this is not feasible, you can always consult with a lawyer.
  • Complaint form –  Once you are ready to proceed with the complaint filing, obtain a form through the website of the complaint institution, or by contacting them, or reaching out to your lawyer.
  • Fill the form –  Fill out the form and make sure you fill in the entire information that is required on the form. All information regarding the complaint should be present in the form.
  • Send the form to the authority – Once you have filled the form and gathered all the documents, send it to the authority. 


Approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

An ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution is an independent body that examines your complaint and the response of the casino. This body will help in proposing a solution that is agreed by you as well as the casino. 

UK Gambling Commission has approved the following ADRs:

ADR Group


Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)


If you are not satisfied with ADRs, you can also notify the UK Gambling Commission. But you should remember that the Commission is only able to handle certain complaints. For example, if a casino breaches the terms, or it allows players under 18 years of age, or any issues regarding money fraud or laundering.


Take Your Complaint to The Court

Apart from taking your complaint to the court, you also have the option of taking your claim to the court. However, approaching the ADR is free but taking legal action against the casino can be costly. And this cost will not be recovered if you lose the case.

If the value of the prize exceeds £10,000, only then you can reach the court. The ADRs only cover a complaint that consists of an amount up to £10,000. Overall, the matter can be solved by either the ADR or court.


Other Mediums to Complain

If you have approached ADRs as well as the court, but your complaint still hasn’t resolved, you can also reach out to the press as well as social media. Some of the renowned newspapers of the UK has highlighted some of the biggest scams done by online casinos.

These printed and online media can reach thousands of people in just a matter of days. This can lead to strict action by a casino that has been mentioned in the news. However, this is often the last method to expose spam by a casino.



To summarise the methods to log a complaint against a casino, you should always know what is your concern. You should always read the terms and conditions of a casino and its casino online bonus offer before signing up with the platform. While you’re communicating with the casino or ADRs, make sure you have several copies of the evidence.

All of these pieces of evidence should be backed by proper information including date, time, and more. You should always contact the support team of a casino professionally. Never use abusive language or any such behaviour and maintain a calm approach.

Even after you have reached out to the official authority, it may take several days or weeks before your complaint is resolved. It all depends on which authority or method you are using. You should be patient with the method you choose and act accordingly.