How to Play Roulette

If there’s any game more synonymous with casinos than roulette, we’ve not found it. This is a game that captivates people throughout the world, offering a high-octane betting experience, as well as some giant prizes to the luckiest of players. It’s also an incredibly easy game to learn, with newcomers having the same chances of winning as those who’ve been betting on the roulette wheel for decades.

Despite being easy to play, the roulette board can be a little foreboding to those newest to the game, thanks to its multiple betting options. What’s more, there are many different types of roulette found online, so how do you know which one to play? If you’ve got any questions about roulette, there’s a good chance you’ll find them answered on this page, which takes an in-depth look at how to play roulette online.
How To Play Roulette


How to Play Roulette: The Basics

While there are many different forms of roulette, the basics of the game remain the same. The goal is to place a bet on a specific selection, which could be a single number or a group of numbers, and then have the ball land on a number you have selected. The number is selected randomly by a ball spinning on a wheel, which has 37 numbers on it (or 38 in American roulette).

If you manage to place a winning bet, you’ll be paid a prize equal to the prize displayed on the pay table. This prize varies depending on the winning bet – select the exact number and you’ll win a prize worth 35:1 but select the correct colour and you’ll win a prize of 1:1. The more likely a bet is to be a winner, the lower the prize will be.

There’s nothing more to the gameplay than that – as you can see, roulette really is one of the simplest games to play at a casino, which is why roulette tables are always packed with players trying to get lucky and win a huge prize.


Available Bets in Roulette

Where roulette can get a little more complex is the variety of bets available. You’ll find plenty of options, and each bet has its own odds. If you’re new to the game, we’d recommend starting with the simplest of bets, which are those that pay even money when winners, as well as the bet on a specific number. You can then progress to more complex bets when you feel comfortable playing the game.

You’ll find that the bets in roulette can be split into two categories: inside bets and outside bets. We’ve listed all the available bet options below.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are bets that see you place chips directly on the numbers, as opposed to on the options surrounding the numbers. There are seven inside bets to be aware of, and they are all explained below:

  • Straight up. This is the simplest of all bets, as you’re just betting on one number. To place this bet, just click directly on the specific number. Bet correctly and you’ll win a prize worth 35:1.
  • Split. This bet sees you selecting two numbers, which must be next to each other on the board, either horizontally or vertically. To place this bet, click on the line dividing the two numbers. Win and you’ll receive a prize worth 17:1.
  • Street. This is a bet on three numbers, all of which must be horizontally aligned. This bet is made by clicking on the line separating the bottom number in the street from the outside bets. This bet has a prize worth 11:1 attached to it.
  • Trio. This is a bet covering 0-1-2 or 0-2-3. It’s placed by clicking where all three numbers meet. If you place a successful trio bet, you’ll win a prize worth 11:1.
  • Corner. This is when you bet on four numbers, all of which must be arranged in a square. To place this bet, click on the intersection where all four numbers meet. Bet correctly and you’ll win a prize worth 8:1.
  • Four number. Only available in European and French roulette, this is a bet on 0-1-2-3. It’s placed by clicking on the line below the numbers, where the 0 and 1 meet. It has a prize of 8:1.
  • Basket. This is a bet on the numbers 0-00-1-2-3. To place this bet, click at the beginning of the row, in between 0 and 1. This has a prize worth 6:1 and is regarded as the worst bet in American roulette, as it has the highest house edge.
  • Six line. The six-line bet is a bet placed on six numbers, made up of two adjoining streets. To place this bet, click on the line below the bottom two numbers where they meet. Place a winning bet of this type and your prize will be worth 6:1.

You’ll find that the inside bets have a lower chance of being winners than outside bets, however, they also offer larger payouts. Therefore, you’ll have to decide whether you want small, regular wins, or more infrequent but larger wins.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are those that are found outside the main grid of numbers on the roulette board. They are listed below.

  • Dozen. This is when you pick a block of 12 numbers. You place this bet by clicking on one of the 12 number options found next to the numbers. A successful dozen bet will lead to a prize worth 2:1.
  • Column. This is another bet on 12 numbers, however it’s placed by clicking at the end of one of the columns. This bet also has a prize of 2:1.
  • High/Low. This is a simple bet on whether the selected number will be high (19-36) or low (1-18). Place this bet by clicking on the 1-18 or 19-36 section of the board. A winning bet of this type has a prize of 1:1, so you’ll double your bet.
  • Odd/Even. Another simple bet where you are just betting on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number. Place the bet by clicking on Odd or Even. The prize for a winning bet of this type is 1:1.
  • Red/Black. This is a bet on whether the ball will land on a red or black number. Place the bet simply by clicking the red or black section of the board. This bet has a prize of 1:1 attached to it.

The even money bets might look like the most boring bets, however, they are also the ones you should concentrate on. This is because the even money bets have the lowest house edge, meaning over a long period, they give you the best chance of making money.
Common Variations Of Roulette


Common Variations of Roulette

There are three main variants of roulette found online, and they are European, French and American. You can find out what makes each one unique by reading below, as well as which you should play and which you should avoid.

French Roulette

French roulette is the version of the game played by those in the know, as it has the lowest house edge, coming in at 1.35%. This is because there’s no double zero, plus the la partage rule is offered. This gives you half your bet back should you bet on an even money selection and the ball land on zero.

American Roulette

American roulette has a large house edge of 5.26%, meaning that you should avoid this version of the game if possible. This large house edge is because there’s no la partage rule, and more significantly there’s also a double zero, meaning even money bets are less likely to be winners.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most popular version of the game with UK players. It has a single zero and does not feature the la partage rule. Because of these two factors, it offers a house edge of 2.7% – higher than French, but still significantly lower than American.

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What is the best bet in roulette?
The best bet you can make in roulette is an even money bet, of which there are three: high/low, odd/even and red/black. These have the lowest house edge of all the bets, meaning that they give you the best chance of walking away from a playing session with more money than you started with. The stated house edge of any roulette game is based on only placing even money bets.
What is the worst bet in roulette?
The worst bet you can make when playing roulette is the basket bet, which is only available at the American version of the game. This bet has a huge house edge of 7.89%.
What is the RTP of roulette?
The RTP of roulette differs between the different variations. French roulette has the highest RTP, coming in at 98.65%. The RTP of European roulette is 97.30%, while the RTP of American roulette is a disappointing 94.74%. Therefore, those simply looking to make money should play French roulette.
How do I know a roulette game isn’t rigged?
You can be sure that a roulette game is completely fair when you play at a site licenced by the Gambling Commission. This is because they only licence sites that have proved that the random number generators running their games are completely fair.
How much money can be won playing roulette?
The maximum prize you can win for a single bet when playing roulette is 35:1. This prize is paid when you successfully place a straight-up bet. However, even money bets give you the best chance of making money over a long period of time.