Online Casino Loyalty and VIP Schemes

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Did you know that all loyalty and VIP schemes are not only for high-rollers?

Most casinos want to attract new customers, but they also fancy their existing customers to keep coming back to play more games. To maintain them, online casinos offer loyalty programs giving away rewards to their active customers. These programs can vary from casino to casino, and essentially it’s like – the more you play, the more perks you earn. 

Online casinos have loyalty programs to reward regular players, whereas they share VIP schemes only with players who stand out among the rest. Each casino has a distinct loyalty scheme or casino online bonuses, but not every casino has a VIP club incorporated in the loyalty program.

So, check the casino’s status regarding the VIP scheme before signing up with them. You can find information about some of the best VIP club benefits and loyalty bonuses in our online casino reviews.

Here are some of the things you must understand to have a fair idea of what to look for in online casino loyalty and VIP schemes.


What Is A VIP Scheme?

What Is A VIP Scheme?

The VIP scheme is a reward for the elite players. As a reward for your loyalty, the online casino gives something back to you. 

There can be several levels in a VIP Program. As you cross one, you earn loyalty points or player points. When you accumulate those points throughout the month, you trigger a VIP level. To motivate you to play ahead, they offer better and better rewards as you climb up those levels.

For example – An online casino provides a loyalty and VIP scheme that has 5-tiers. For the final tier, you need an invitation. It means – you have to continue playing till you reach the second-highest level before you receive a VIP club invitation.


How To Be A Part of The Loyalty and VIP Schemes?

To be a part of a loyalty and VIP scheme depends on a casino’s requirements. In some casinos,

  • They automatically make you an entry-level VIP player,


  • They require you to deposit a specific amount of money for a set timeframe 


  • They need you to collect points to both maintain and progress your level to the next tier

If you meet their requirements, you can become part of their loyalty and VIP schemes. However, some casinos never accept new players in their VIP club. They only send invites to you if they have noticed your gameplay and considered you worthy. 

Nevertheless, a large sum of the deposit, like £/$10 000, can get you in the VIP club!

Remember, all VIP online casino games do not help you qualify for the scheme. Some come with wagering requirements. So you must read the Terms & Conditions of a casino site carefully to see where you stand.


Benefits and Challenges

When you become a VIP member, you enjoy many lucrative offers and bonuses. The VIP perks and benefits also vary from one casino to the other. Whether it’s birthday gifts, exclusive tournaments reservations, or exclusive tailor-made bonuses just for you – one thing is sure, their brilliant offers can definitely gobsmack you!


Benefits of Joining a VIP Scheme

  • Cashback Offers

In this scheme, the online casino gives you back a percentage of your wagering amount for a particular week or month. It can be in any form, either cash or bonus credits. You can withdraw the cash. But to avail of the bonus credits, you have to gamble more on their casino sites.  

  • Free Spins or Bonus Spins

If you are a slots fan, bonus spins or free spins on the latest 3D slots can pique your interest!

Depending upon the VIP program level, you receive free spins like 10, 15, 25, and so on at the starting level. A casino site may increase the free spins offer up to 50, 100, 200, too. 

  • Bonuses and Promotions

As a VIP player, you can receive special daily, weekly, or even monthly promotions with some online casinos. They can also offer you customised personal bonuses like match/deposit bonuses and cashback bonuses.

  • Dedicated VIP Account Manager

A dedicated VIP account manager is someone available for your aid 24/7. Online casinos primarily provide it to high rollers or players at a higher level of the VIP program. They help you with requests, form bespoke bonuses, or deal with any problems or queries you have. 

  • Exclusive VIP Tournament Offer

Some casinos have specifically designed tournaments exclusively for their VIP players. They can send you invitations to become a part of it. 

  • Banking Limits

When you reach a higher level of the VIP program, you get to avail these banking limit benefits

  • Higher Deposit Limit

After acquiring the VIP status, you can deposit large sums of money into your account 

compared to any basic level player. 

  • Faster Withdrawals

An ordinary player has to wait for a few days to withdraw their winnings. It needs to be 

processed and deposited into their bank accounts before they can use it. Whereas, when you enjoy VIP status, casinos offer you faster withdrawal benefits with almost no waiting period. 

  • Special Rewards or Birthdays Gifts

Some online casinos offer special rewards or birthday gifts for their VIP players. – like an invitation to VIP get-togethers or customised gifts for birthdays, etc. They can also send a customised reward for your birthdays. 

  • Faster Cashouts

Some casinos can offer faster cashout benefits (one day or so) exclusively for their VIP gamblers. 

  • Better Conversion Rates

When you earn loyalty points, you get a set amount of points for every £1 wagering. You can convert these points back into cash. 

The higher you climb the tier, the better the conversion rates you get!

  • Regular Reload Bonuses

Reload bonus is a common benefit that many casinos offer to their VIP players. As per your gambling activity, the casino awards you with a favourable matching deposit bonus. – like an award of a 50% match up to £100 deposit.

  • Free Tickets

These are like party invites or sporting event invitations in the UK that casinos give to their VIP players. 

  • Luxury Holidays

If you touch the higher tiers of a VIP program and maintain it, you can even win luxury holiday packages from casinos. 


Challenges of Joining a VIP Scheme

  • Maintaining Your Online Casino VIP Status

One of the biggest challenges of an online VIP scheme is maintaining your level. For example, you are on the 2nd tier of a VIP Scheme with 100,000 loyalty points. Therefore, to keep your VIP status, you may have to clear 25,000 points in the following month. If you don’t, you dip down the VIP tier. 


Quick TIP :

Always check the regular points requirement levels for each tier when you earn a VIP club status. Focus and clear the small portion of the points required to stay on your current level.

  • Waiting For An Invitation

Some casinos have an ‘Invitation-Only’ option to join their VIP schemes. In it, you can’t get the membership even if you are willing to pay £10 000 for it. The casino has the sole authority to send you an invitation depending upon your spending spree. So, the wait for getting an invitation can cock-up things for you financially. 


Quick TIP :

Read the terms and conditions of joining a VIP scheme carefully and pick the one that offers new players frequently in the club. 

  • Addiction to Playing

The designing level in VIP schemes glues players to the game, making them gamble relentlessly. It gives you a false sense of accomplishment and pushes you to play more and more. The pursuit of attractive rewards can create a severe gambling addiction and take over your life as well as your savings.


Quick TIP :

Gamble responsibly and set a budget for it. Play only with your spare money without damaging your finances or falling prey to gambling addiction.

  • VIP Scheme Payoff Not As Expected

Some online casinos can market misleading VIP schemes. They highlight those VIP features and benefits which are mostly not always available or not easily attainable – like luxury holiday packages or more than 50% deposit match bonuses. 


Quick TIP :

Casinos are great in luring players with lucrative promotions, but you need to keep an eye on those fake promises. UKGC blacklists such casinos that intend to dupe players. So, always crosscheck the UKGC blacklisted casino details before you gamble on an online casino. 


Earnings With Loyalty and VIP Schemes

Earnings With Loyalty and VIP Schemes

If you can keep up with the gameplay volume, you can earn cash backs, bonuses, free spins, etc., frequently with loyalty and VIP schemes. All you need is to pick the right games first. 

Slots are quicker options for earnings compared to blackjack and other casino games with higher house edges. 



The selection of the right casino game can go a long way in helping you enjoy a loyalty and VIP scheme. Mindlessly chasing after rewards and benefits can have financial and health consequences for you.

However, if you enjoy playing at a specific casino, whatever reward you get doesn’t matter! Besides, only you can decide if any VIP scheme is worth your money and time or not.