What is a Casino Sign up Bonus?

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A sign-up bonus is a deal that’s intended for new players registering for a casino site. The bonus is credited to your account after you’ve made your first deposit. It is offered only once and can be either be in the form of free spins, extra cash, or both.

While most casinos’ welcome bonuses fall into the ”Deposit” category, other casinos award you free money for just signing up on their sites. You don’t have to deposit any money because you’re only required to register your account.

What is a Casino Sign up Bonus?

Cashable or Non-Cashable?

A critical distinction that you need to be aware of is cashable and non-cashable bonuses. if you’re thinking of making any profits, then you need to know which category your bonus offer falls in.

Non-cashable bonuses, also known as sticky bonuses, can be used to play various casino games, but players cannot, in reality, keep their winnings. Cashable bonuses are different, of course. If your bonus is cashable, you’re allowed to keep all your winnings. However, before walking out with your hard-earned money, you need to meet a few criteria – wagering requirements. You probably know these stipulations by now. But if you don’t know them, we’ll walk you through these stipulations in a bit.

If you’re wagering on a welcome bonus or any other type of bonus, you need to first clear playthrough requirements. It’s always a good idea to first go through terms and conditions, understanding them one by one, before betting using welcome bonuses.

Different casinos have different wagering stipulations. majority of the requirements, however, range between 10x and 30x. but don’t be surprised to encounter a 70x stipulation, they exist. And that’s why you’re always better off reading a promotion’s terms and conditions.

There’s also a rare breed of casinos; those that don’t have any wagering requirements. But there’s a catch though. As generous as these companies may seem, they actually offer meagre bonuses compared to those with wagering stipulations. repetitive as it may sound, a casino’s T&C is your best friend, you’re likely to uncover hidden information on bonuses, the information you wouldn’t have known at first glance.

How to find the most suitable sign-up bonus

The reason why there’s a large variety of bonus offers is that the online casino community is huge. And because all the players have varying preferences, casinos try to introduce new types of bonus offers, in what seems like every week. There’s a lot of factors at play that you need to consider before wagering using a welcome bonus. therefore, finding the best sign up offer may be a difficult task for some players.

It’s advisable to always investigate each casino welcome bonus, before signing up — don’t just jump at the first offer you come across. Before deciding on the suitable casino and signing up, analyze the bonus percentage they’re offering then compare it to other casinos. Find out the maximum amount they can award you after depositing cash. Aside from that, also check the highest amount you can bet with using your welcome bonus.

Another factor players sometimes ignore is the minimum amount for deposits. While you’re still eager to bet on the welcome bonus, always confirm the least amount you can deposit with the company, otherwise, you’re in for an uncomfortable surprise.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve already repeated enough times by now, the bonus terms are the holy grail of not only casino welcome bonuses but also all types of bonuses. reading the terms will give you all the necessary information regarding wagering requirements, minimum and maximum deposit amounts, and of course, the games you can bet on using your sign-up bonus. Never ignore such information.