What Happens if You Win on a Free Bet?

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Among the greatest pleasures in the life of a seasoned casino player, is winning a significant amount of cash on a free bet. The experience of it all may only be comparable to winning the jackpot. While that may be taking it too far, it’s an experience that you need to have at least once in your gambling career.

If you’re new to online casino gaming, free bets are wagers of the specific value that casinos offer to pay the bet’s stake. Most casinos offer free bets to new players who are opening accounts with them. But all this sounds too good, almost unrealistic. How can casinos offer free money to their customers? Well, they really do. And if you’re smart enough, you can use such bets as an opportunity to make extra cash.

You’re placing bets without any risks involved, and if you win, you receive your winnings. And if you lose, it wasn’t your money anyway.

If you win on a free bet, depending on the site you’re using, you can cash out your winnings plus bonus, or your winnings alone. But before you’re at this withdrawing stage, you’ll need to clear specific requirements. These are crucial stipulations that you need to adhere to if you’re going to withdraw any winnings from free bets.

Reasons why you’re unable to withdraw after winning on a free bet or an online casino bonus.

What Happens if You Win on a Free Bet


Geographical restrictions

Casinos often have geographical restrictions on free bets. Assuming you sign up and hide your location, but your casino eventually finds out your location, then you’re at risk of losing all the money you’ve won. Normally, casinos will list countries where they offer their free bets or the regions that don’t qualify. And if there are no countries mentioned, then you can go ahead and sign up. In this case, the free bet may be available to all players.


Underage Persons

If you’re under-age or you’re using funds you’ve acquired fraudulently, then you may as well quit casino gambling, while you’re starting out. Failure to this, and your casino discovers your illegal activities, your funds may be confiscated. If you’re lucky, your casino may keep your winnings, and if you’re unlucky, they may confiscate your deposited cash too.


Obvious Errors

A common reason why you may not withdraw your winnings on free bets is unfortunate errors. A genuine error may occur sometimes, and in this case, a casino may cancel your free bet. But this only happens when the error comes from the casino’s side. Considering some sites have a myriad of betting lines at any time, a human or machine mistake is bound to occur. Ultimately you should at least get back your betting amount back in cash.


Licensed Betting Sites

The most appealing free bet may sometimes come from a dodgy, fraudulent, or unlicensed casino site. The deal may be too sweet, to an extent where players become blind to red flags from the company and fail to check for any licensing. In the case that they win any amount, chances of recovering these winnings are low.

What you might not know, however, is that any player in the UK is protected from unfair treatment from casinos. This protection is provided by the UKGC, that ensures all casinos are properly licensed. Advertising Standard Agency further ensures that customers are free from false and misleading advertisements.

And while it’s illegal for any casino site to operate, without having any licenses, many still do. Therefore, you’re required to personally check, before wagering with any site, that they’re holding a UK license. If you fail to do so, and they reject your withdrawal appeals, then there’s a huge chance you may never receive your winnings – unless you track the casino personally.