What Does 4x Wagering Mean?

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Among the most popular wagering requirements that you will encounter in the world of casino gambling is the 4x stipulation. As common as it may be, the requirement may be a bit confusing for newbies. Simply put, 4x means you should wager four times whatever amount the bonus offer is. Consider the following examples:

Imagine you’ve deposited £20 into your account. You then receive a 200% bonus that gives you an extra £20, on top of the deposited amount, to spend. a 4x wagering requirement means you’ll have to buy bingo tickets worth £80, to clear the stipulation. Sometimes, however, your casino site may consider your wagering requirement as cleared when your account balance is zero.

Some casino sites include the initial deposit when calculating your winnings. For a 4x wagering requirement, using the example above, you’ll spend 4x (£20 + £20) = £160. When the bonus is lower, the more unfavourable the addition of the initial deposit will be. For a 50% deposit bonus, you’ll have to triple your playing amount to complete the waging requirement.

Generally, websites with the most generous casino welcome bonuses are the most likely to have the most difficult waging requirements. Some stipulations can take years to complete, but if you’re playing bingo to enjoy yourself, then you might not mind how long it takes.

Finding wager information

Ideally, the most popular websites have a display in your player area that tells you how much you’re required to wager. In previous years, casino sites placed the waging requirements in small print at the bottom of the sites, but the recent crackdowns on gambling violations have ensured sites spell out the stipulations clearly. But if you’re still in doubt, you can call your site’s support team. This will help you meet your requirements and avoid unwanted surprises so that you can withdraw your winnings hassle-free.


Tips on how to Make the Most Out of 4x Wagering

  1. Checking time limits

It’s easy to accept a casino’s welcome bonus before checking the time limit. A 4x wagering requirement may seem appealing at first, but the underlying time constraints may pose a problem when you’re wagering the bonus bets. Most sites have a 30-day expiry date, but you should never be sure. Always read the fine print to confirm the specific time constraint.

  1. Take it slow

While the bigger promotions may appeal to you as a punter, you should realize that such sites implement the highest wagering requirements, that may take a long time to materialize. Instead, focus on the less-known sites that offer low wagering requirements. A 4x stipulation, for example, is a decent offer that you can complete within a short time.

Despite not being a strategy that’s as highly-rewarding as betting on high wagering requirements, taking it slow can help you build up small jackpots that may benefit you in the long run.

  1. Check for licensing

In a quest to get enticing 4x stipulations, punters may get ripped off by some dodgy casino sites. Make a habit of figuring out who licenses a site. With MGA and the UK Gambling Commission, you’re assured a casino site will honour its bonus deals.

  1. Find out what you want

What many punters ignore when leveraging on bonus bets, is fitting casino offers to their own needs. For bingo enthusiasts who like huge jackpots, then leveraging on high wagering requirements won’t be too problematic for them as they can complete them quickly. For those who enjoy a game of bingo once in a while, their best bet is playing in casinos with low wagering requirements.

  1. Explore and Compare

You’ll encounter hundreds of websites when gambling – each with varying offers and different stipulations. The only way to find a site that suits you perfectly is to window-shop, explore, and compare.