What are Bonus Wagering Requirements?

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Wagering requirements are the rules attached to any UK casino bonus offered by gambling sites. They detail the amount of cash you should deposit then wager before accessing your bonus earnings.

These stipulations may also be referred to as roll-over rates. They’re normally hidden in the deepest parts of the website’s terms and conditions, where most lazy bettors can’t access them. Later on, bettors are left disappointed when they’re unable to retrieve bonus rewards.

Knowledge of how the stipulations work and how to meet them can save you from lots of frustrations down the line and can help you identify poor bonus offers from decent ones.

What are Bonus Wagering Requirements

Why do casinos have wagering requirements?

There’s a simple explanation. Casino sites want to make a profit. While it’s honourable that they’re willing to give you a chance to earn extra cash through bonuses, giving out free money isn’t what they’re all about. Giving out deposit bonuses is a form of marketing strategy where sites attract new players through incentives.

Earlier, when systems weren’t developed well enough, players would sign up with several casino sites at once, withdraw bonus rewards, and then bail without ever spending a penny on the sites. This, of course, is an unsustainable model for any kind of business, so the system was revamped to accommodate wagering requirements to get rid of the clever bonus hunters.

How to compare wagering requirements

The terms and conditions are the most crucial factor when analysing wagering requirements. The differences in T&C between sites may seem minimal, but only when you take a closer look at them will you notice how they vary.

Terms such as ”bonus only” and “deposit + bonus” can cause a stark increase or decrease in your bonus earnings. While you’ll be wagering your bonus amount a couple of times, you may also encounter sites where you’re wagering your deposit too. Aside from those terms, you can also look for stipulations with a number attached (20x, 45x etc.)

How do wagering requirements work?

Assuming you’re using a reliable casino that offers a 100% deposit match bonus up to £200. The offer seems generous, but there’s a limitation: £200. This means the bonus may be £200 or lower. Aside from that, since your deposit amount and bonus are correlated, if you deposit £10, you’ll receive an additional £10.

You’ll find these stipulations in the terms and conditions that most players ignore. They’re in small fonts, so you can easily cruise over them. Ensure you go over them in order. For example, some terms may read:

  • Bonus offers are eligible to new customers only
  • The minimum deposit is £25
  • To withdraw reward earnings, you must wager your bonus and other winnings 30x.

Types of wagering requirements

Free Bets:

The first type is straight-forward. It’s a requirement attached to free bet bonuses and stipulates that players should place a specific bet to activate the free bets. A minimum amount is required as a first bet, for example, ‘bet £10 to get £40’. There’s also a set minimum odd that ranges from 1.50 to 2.0. You can access the winnings from the bet, but the free stake remains with the site.

Deposit Bonuses:

The second type of wagering requirements are those that are attached to deposit style bonuses. These bonuses offer players cash that’s a percentage of their deposits with the website. The requirements dictate that gamblers should bet with a certain amount, before withdrawing any wins from their bonuses.