Do Casinos Give Free Money?

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Casinos are a great place to go to when you’re looking for fun, thanks to the bright lights, exciting games and the various attractions they can offer. Casinos are only made even better when they give away free money, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about on this page. So, keep on reading if you want to discover more about how to get free money, what forms it takes, and why exactly casinos bother handing out freebies to their players.

Do Casinos Give Free Money?

What Forms of Free Money Do Casinos Give Out?

Casinos rarely hand out actual money, unless they are running some kind of giveaway. Instead, money is given away in the form of comps, which stands for complimentary. Comps give players free drinks, free accommodation and various other items, which don’t generally cost the casino too much money to provide. After all, if they have a spare room, there’s hardly any cost to them if they comp it to a high roller.

The only time a casino will hand out free money is if they’re running some kind of bonus promotion. For example, they might be trying to attract new players with a casino experience package. This could include a free meal, tuition on how to play a game and a small number of chips to use playing the game being learned.


How to Get Free Money at Casinos

The most common way to get free money at an online casino is by being a regular player. Those who gamble often are highly valued by casinos, and they will do everything they can to keep these players at their tables. After all, comping a player a few drinks will cost hardly anything when compared to the money the casino could win by keeping them there. Those who become incredibly well-known for gambling might even get large comps before they even arrive, such as free stays in expensive hotel rooms.


Why Do Casinos Give Away Money?

It might seem strange that casinos sometimes give away money to players. After all, aren’t they just costing themselves money? Well, there’s a good reason for casinos giving away money – they’re trying to curry favour with their most valued players, as they want them to remain at the table, where they could lose large sums of money. As you might imagine, a high roller losing money is music to the ears of casinos! It’s all simple economics – spend a little, in order to potentially win a lot!

Of course, it’s very important to remember that you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford to lose at a casino. It can be tempting to overspend to receive nice comps, however, these comps won’t be anywhere near large enough to make up for the money you’ve lost trying to get them. Instead, play as you normally would and treat any comps you receive as bonuses.